5 WorkflowPerfect Alternatives

It appears that WorkflowPerfect, a useful web app for distributed teams that combined task and issue tracking with workflow management features, has disappeared. The site is currently inaccessible, and according to a comment left by Ton Walter on our old review of the app, the site has been down for three weeks now.

If you’re a WorkflowPerfect user frustrated by its seeming demise, I’ve gathered together a few potential alternatives:

  • ProcessMaker

    ProcessMaker: If the business process management (BPM) features of WorkflowPerfect were what drew you to the app, check out ProcessMaker. It’s an open-source BPM tool that offers more powerful features than WorkflowPerfect, such as process mapping, a form builder, business rules and LDAP synchronization. Two editions are offered: the free Community Edition, and an Enterprise Edition with a greater range of features.

  • calc{list} With Passive Automation: This oddly named app is a CRM tool. It combines a contact manager, email system and company-wide workflow automation tool. Three editions are available, but for the Passive Automation features, you need to get the Pro edition, which costs $495. A 30-day free trial is available.

  • ProWorkFlow

    ProWorkFlow: ProWorkFlow is an easy-to-use project management, workflow and time tracking solution for small to medium businesses. Plans start at £10 ($15 USD) per user per month. A free trial is available.

  • 5pm: If the task management — rather than BPM –aspects of WorkflowPerfect were why you were using the tool, you might like to check out 5pm. It’s an intuitive, easy-to-use project management app (see Jason’s review here). Plans start at $18 per month, and a free trial is available.
  • LiquidPlanner: If 5pm is too simplistic for your project management needs, another app that’s worth considering is LiquidPlanner; Mike sang its praises in his review. It has dynamic scheduling, Gantt charts, estimation, time tracking and analysis features. LiquidPlanner plans start at $25 per user per month, and a free trial is available.

Unfortunately, none of the suggestions I’ve listed above are exact like-for-like replacements for WorkflowPerfect, but hopefully one of them will have the sort of functionality that you’re looking for.

One lesson to take from the disappearance of WorkflowPerfect is that if a web app has no obvious business model or means of generating revenue — WorkflowPerfect was only supported by Google ads on the site — there’s a greater risk it could disappear without warning. While most of the apps listed above are more expensive than the free WorkflowPerfect, they’ll hopefully have a better chance of staying the course.

List your WorkflowPerfect alternatives below.

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