Free GigaOM Pro Webinar: The Future of Mobile Content Distribution

From the daily discussion about HTML5 to last week’s news that mobile game franchise Angry Birds might be headed to Hollywood, the world of mobile content is perhaps one of the most vibrant and fast-moving in all of digital media. Fueled by the rapid growth of highly capable smartphones, new consumption models such as app markets and the uptake of mobile broadband subscriptions, the mobile content business has been a vastly important and strategic market for content owners, carriers and consumer technology companies.

If you are part of this fast-growing market, you won’t want to miss this free hour-long roundtable conversation with our three mobile and digital media experts:

  • Colin Gibbs – Senior Curator, Mobile – GigaOM Pro
  • Paul Zagaeski – Analyst, Paid Content – GigaOM Pro
  • Jim Ryan – Chief Strategy Officer – Motricity

Some of the topics we’ll discuss:

  • App stores vs. open web and impact on content distribution
  • Pay vs. ad-supported: monetization models for mobile content
  • Mobile content discovery and recommendation
  • Impact of the growing number of non-smartphone mobile devices
  • Social and location-based layers in the mobile content world

The webinar will take place next Wednesday, Sept. 15 at 10 a.m. PDT. If you’re interested in attending this free webinar provided by GigaOM Pro and our sponsor Motricity, please register today.