Best Buy Adding Amazon Kindle For Expanded E-Reader Section

Best Buy is working on building out its in-store digital reading section this fall with the addition of the Amazon (NSDQ: AMZN) Kindle. The retailer has already been selling Barnes & Noble’s Nook and the various Sony (NYSE: SNE) Readers. By putting the Kindle on its shelves, Best Buy is now the only major retailer to have deals with all the leading e-readers. It is promoting itself as the sole physical destination for consumers who want to compare and contrast each device. The stores will showcase the individual Sony, B&N and Amazon devices side-by-side, along with a rundown of each product’s key features.

While Target and Staples brick-and-mortar outlets have already been selling the Kindle, Best Buy appears to have picked the right time to create a dedicated section for all e-readers as competition among Amazon, Sony and B&N is heating up. Last week, Sony began rolling out its second generation of Readers.

B&N is also trying to make sure there is a balance between its digital and physical stores. To celebrate the Nook