IAC To Shut Down Bloglines

IAC (NSDQ: IACI) is shutting down Bloglines, the RSS reader it purchased five years ago. IAC bought Bloglines when the site as its peak; at the time, then-SVP Jim Lanzone called it “one of the most useful and addictive services on the entire Web.” Since then, however, Bloglines has lost much of its popularity, partly due to neglect and also to a movement to alternate news-reading experiences, like social networking sites. There have been multiple reports of major outages in recent years, and IAC had reportedly unsuccessfully tried to sell the site two years ago.

In a post on the Ask.com blog, Ask.com president Doug Leeds says the company is shutting down Bloglines to concentrate on building its Q&A service, which it launched in July. Leeds also argues that RSS readers are becoming increasingly obsolete.

From the post:

A little perspective: when we originally acquired Bloglines in 2005, RSS was in its infancy. The concept of