TubeMogul Rolls Out HTML5 Analytics

Online analytics and monetization firm TubeMogul is making its reporting features available to companies that deliver video through HTML5 video players. By doing so, publishers can get the same analytics from the iPhone and iPad (s AAPL) as they receive through Flash (s ADBE) video players online.

Publishers need only insert TubeMogul’s free InPlay plugin into their HTML5 video players to get viewership data across their web, mobile web and mobile app video implementations. Once done, their stats will be integrated with reporting from their existing Flash players, giving them the ability to see average viewing time and completion rates, audience geography, video player embeds and domain and site referrals across all platforms that their videos were shown on.

Despite the vast popularity of the iPad, iPhone and other Apple products that don’t allow Flash video, many publishers have held off on rolling out support for HTML5 video. One reason for that hesitation is the general lack of mature reporting and analytics products for those devices. That is quickly changing, however, as companies like TubeMogul see an opportunity to fill a need for video measurement for HTML5 players.

TubeMogul isn’t the only provider that is tackling the problem of HTML5 reporting. Video search and advertising startup MeFeedia has also announced an analytics suite for HTML5 video, and Brightcove says advanced reporting and analytics are on its roadmap for HTML5 video management services.

While TubeMogul is primarily known for its free reporting and analytics offerings, the company has also expanded its business to support video distribution and advertising. Its Destinations product, announced earlier this year, enables publishers to freely distribute their videos to a number of pre-set syndication platforms, or to create custom profiles for their own distribution partners and platforms. It also recently launched an ad platform, which has quickly surpassed its other business in sales.

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