WWD Screencast: Group Chrome Tabs With Tab Sugar

Firefox-using “taboholics” — people who always have an excessive number tabs open — may have been enjoying Tab Panorama, a feature introduced in Firefox 4 beta 4 that enables users to arrange their tabs into groups via a neat drag-and-drop interface. Chrome-using tab addicts may have been a little envious, but they now have Tab Sugar, an extension that basically replicates Tab Panorama in Chrome.

I made a short screencast to show it in action:


It looks pretty slick, but it’s still in alpha and is a little buggy on my Mac: Database errors flash up from time-to-time and it sometimes seems to have trouble remembering my tab groupings. So unfortunately I can’t recommend it for day-to-day use just yet, but if the developers can iron out the issues, it’s certainly a promising extension. In the meantime, Chrome-using taboholics can either switch to the beta of Firefox 4 to take advantage of the Tab Panorama feature, or try the tab chunking strategy outlined here.

If you’d like to try Tab Sugar it can be downloaded from the Google Chrome Extension Gallery.

Are you a “taboholic”? What strategies do you use to manage your tab addiction?

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