Alarms: Intuitive Task Management for the Mac

Looking for an intuitive task management/reminder app for the Mac (s aapl)? Check out Alarms. It’s a well-designed app with some nice touches, like drag-and-drop, that make it a joy to use. Above all it’s unobtrusive, so unlike more complex task management apps, it doesn’t take your focus away from whatever it is you’re working on.

Alarms sits in your menubar. Click the icon, and the app opens at the top of your screen with a timeline of upcoming tasks. The timeline gradually scrolls to the left, with the left-hand edge marking the current time. As tasks become due, they’re added to a to-do list on the left-hand side of the screen; the app also makes a “ping” sound, and its menubar icon starts flashing. This flashing is quite distracting, but that’s probably the point, and if you’re busy with another task when the alarm goes off, you can “snooze” it by shaking your mouse.

If you want to add, say, files, emails or URLs to the timeline, you can drag and drop onto it; you can double-click on the timeline to add a text item. You can also reorder tasks by dragging and dropping them or using keyboard shortcuts. As the app retains a link to the original items (your files and emails, for example), when the task becomes due, you can just click on the link in Alarms to open the item. If you prefer to organize your tasks on a timeline, as opposed to having a to-do list, and you don’t need the advanced features found in more heavyweight task management apps, Alarms is very easy to use, and recommended.

Alarms can sync with other apps using iCal. It’s currently in beta and free to try; an “early bird” license costs $12.

What to-do list management apps do you use?

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