jotOnce: Password-Protected, Shareable Notes

jotOnce is a web app that enables users to write a note, encrypt it with a password and share it with others. It could be useful if you wanted to quickly share private project notes with some colleagues, for example, or to send information to someone without leaving an email trail.

It’s a slick, simple-to-use app that lets you make your notes available quickly; you don’t need to sign up in order to use it. Head to the website, click the “Create new jot” link, type out your note (up to 4,000 characters in length), set a password (although you don’t even have to do that, as jotOnce automatically suggests a password for you), and hit “Post Jot.” You can also specify some options if you wish: adjusting the expiration period from the default five days, adding authentication (which requires the reader to type in the last four digits of their phone number to retrieve the message), and entering your email address to receive a read receipt when  the note is read.

To retrieve your note, recipients simply visit the website and type in the password you set; there’s no need to send them difficult-to-remember URLs, which means that you can easily share jotOnce notes over the phone, or with presentation attendees, for example.

The whole system is designed to be extremely easy and fast to use for both the note writer and the reader, but that simplicity makes it somewhat limited: You can’t add any formatting or attach files to your notes, and there’s no way to edit notes once they’re published. Additionally, while the suggested passwords are short words (“silky” in my screenshot above, for example) that are supposed to be easy to remember, they’re not very secure. If that bothers you, though, you can always specify a much stronger password and use the authentication option.

While jotOnce probably isn’t going to be something you’d use on a daily basis, it’s worth bearing in mind next time you need to quickly share some private information and don’t want to email it.

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(Hat tip: Hacker News, via One Thing Well)