Vid-Biz: YouTube Live, HBO Subscribers, Warner Music Group

Four Things Live YouTube Needs To Be A Hit; the four things YouTube needs to concentrate on while it rolls-out its live streaming platform are big-league content, interactivity, awareness and reliability. (PC World) Related: Tony Hawk Was Live On YouTube, And Less Than 500 People Were Watching (TechCrunch)

HBO Subscribers Dwindling; HBO had 28.6 million subscribers in the second quarter, its lowest total in four years and the second of its first back-to-back quarterly declines in at least six years. (The Hollywood Reporter)

How Is Warner Music Group’s Video Strategy Working Out?; according to a new online video usage report, the number of music videos streamed from artist or label websites dropped 40% in the second quarter. (Billboard)

Charter Starts Itemizing Retrans Bucks In Taxes/Fees Portion Of Cable Bills; on its Web site, Charter explains to customers that they will start seeing a “Broadcast TV Surcharge” in the “taxes and fees” section of their cable bills. (Multichannel News)

Meet YouTube’s Most In-Demand Brand Stars; big-time brands like Lancome, McDonald’s, Ford and Kellogg’s are trusting YouTube celebs with their money and reputations. (AdAge)

Cable, Internet Drive Ad Comeback; big gains in cable TV and the Internet will drive overall ad growth over the next decade, according to SNL Kagan. (Multichannel News) Claims “Staggering” Upload Rate of 32 Hours of Video Per Minute; the San Francisco-based live streaming site has an average of 32 hours of live video streamed and uploaded every minute. (Beet.TV)

TiVo and Samsung to Collaborate on Advanced PVR Solution; Samsung has licensed TiVo software to build a platform to dramatically accelerate deployment for operators licensing the TiVo solution. (press release)