Conan O’Brien to Answer Facebook Questions on YouTube

Last month, when Conan O’Brien announced the name of his new TBS show on YouTube (s GOOG), we observed that the activity on the Team Coco YouTube account was relatively minimal. Looks like that’s changing in a big way, though, as today O’Brien (again, via YouTube) announced that he’d be taking questions on Facebook and answering them in video form.


He also, sort of, announced that he’s become an Angry Birds addict. Totally understandable.

In just eight hours, the Facebook post soliciting questions has reached over 3,200 comments (as well as 453 “likes”), with submissions including: “Are you still a Walker Texas Ranger freak?,” “Who would you choise [sic] to be your first musical guest on your first show?” and “Hey Conan, do the drapes match the carpet? Winky face.” (Classy, guys.)

Given that questions are being submitted via Facebook and there’s been no posting on the YouTube blog about this, it seems that unlike past famous people answer your questions events, YouTube isn’t officially connected with the event. We’re waiting on comment from YouTube and Conan’s camp about this.

There’s no way Team Coco didn’t anticipate receiving this much response to its call for questions — it has more than 70,000 Facebook fans, after all. So does this mean we can prepare for an Old Spice-esque blitz of YouTube replies? Perhaps with Conan in a towel? (Please say yes. Wait. Hmmm. Maybe say yes.)

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