Projectplace: Project Management that Brings You Up to Speed

One of the problems with some project management tools is that not only do you need training in order to move your projects on to it and get your team moving, but you also have to go hunting for that training. Not so with Projectplace. In addition to offering a robust project management tool suitable for keeping an entire team on track, the web-based application has extensive training materials — manuals, tutorials and online training sessions — available for users. Projectplace has also teamed up with several strategic partners to offer additional training on structuring projects and learning to use different project model templates.

Not Just a Project Management Tool

Projectplace offers a solid tool that can help you manage projects, hold online meetings and track what steps your team is taking. It provides document sharing, internal communications systems and a social project overview. Beyond those fairly commonplace features, however, Projectplace offers ways to integrate its use into your everyday work. The developers have rolled out an iPhone (s aapl) application, as well as a plugin that lets your team use Projectplace in  Microsoft Office (s msft). Changes are automatically synchronized and you have access to shortcuts that increase efficiency. The goal is to make Projectplace ubiquitous for the tools your team relies on.

Furthermore, Projectplace has taken a close look at the industries its customers fall into and has put together information on how to effectively use the tool in sectors such as construction or government. There are case studies available that will give you an idea of what it takes to implement the tool into your business and how the costs break down. For example, Projectplace has made an ROI study available, showing how Cambio Healthcare Systems realized a yearly savings of €22,000 ($28,000) a year by switching to Projectplace. These resources can make it easier to sell the stakeholders in your organization on a switch to online collaboration in general, and Projectplace specifically.

A Well-Established Application

Since its creation in 1998, Projectplace has served more than half a million users. It’s one of the best-known PM tools in Europe, maintaining that position by offering tools in six languages in addition to English, which makes it a useful solution for global enterprise. Projectplace offers two editions: the team edition and the enterprise edition.  The enterprise edition cannot be purchased directly online; rather, you must contact Projectplace so that your needs can be best matched with their resources (such as project templates). However, the enterprise edition does unilaterally offer an unlimited number of users and an unlimited number of projects. Pricing for the team edition varies depending on number of users and storage required; a free trial is available. Certain features are missing, although some of them can be bought as add-ons, including project templates and training.

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