Today in Cleantech

Think of it as IBM’s “Smarter Planet” with IBM-designed wireless power watchdogs in charge. Big Blue came out this morning with a new process, dubbed CMOS-7HV, to combine power management and wireless communications on one chip while cutting production costs by 20 percent. Power management chips are in cell phones, computers, cars and solar panels, among other products, and iSupply expects the global market of $31 billion will double by 2015. Right now, IBM is trying out the new technology for smart phones with Irvine, Calif.-based chipmaker Wispry. But Rich Lechner, IBM’s vice president of eco-efficiency and sustainability, told me yesterday that IBM would like to see it embedded in such green systems as building energy sensors and controls, car electronics and solar panel monitors. IBM expects to announce some alternative energy projects involving CMOS-7HV soon, he added.