TubeMogul’s Ads: From Zero to 97% Reach in 6 Months

TubeMogul’s PlayTime video ad network has grown dramatically since being launched earlier this year, and is now ranked second in terms of potential reach among advertisers, according to comScore (s SCOR) Media Metrix. Reaching 206.7 million unique visitors and 97 percent of online viewers in August, TubeMogul’s offering trails only BrightRoll in its first appearance on the comScore ranking.

TubeMogul, which is perhaps best known for its reporting and analytics product, rolled out its PlayTime ad network just a few months ago, but has already run more than 180 brand campaigns and received more than 800 million views for those ads. In short time, it became the largest revenue generator for the startup, topping sales from TubeMogul’s reporting and analytics business not long after launch.

PlayTime is designed to provide more transparency and accountability to serving video ads online; relying in part on TubeMogul’s reporting features, the product can tell advertisers which pages a video ad ran on, but can also tell them whether an ad is click-to-play or auto-play and long it ran before a viewer clicked away.

The network can also target ads to the viewers most likely to watch them, which helps drive viewership and engagement up. That’s garnered interest from advertisers — which include brands like 20th Century Fox, (s NWS) TRESemme (s ACV), Dannond and Olay (s PG) — and publishers, many of which already use TubeMogul for its reporting and video distribution products.

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