OK Go’s White Knuckles Video: Viral With Ellen’s Help?

Trained dogs, synchronized dancing and Ikea furniture: Is there a better combination to go viral? OK Go just released its new video, and the clip’s YouTube (s GOOG) view count is currently frozen at 312 views, which is usually a sign of high activity. The video is still unlisted on YouTube, meaning that you won’t find it by searching the site. However, it was embedded on the Ellen Degeneres Show‘s website some 90 minutes ago, and it’s been picking up steam on Twitter and elsewhere ever since. Watch the video for the song White Knuckles below:


OK Go has a colorful history with YouTube. The band got famous through the video for its song Here It Goes Again, which featured the group dancing on treadmills. The official Here It Goes Again video currently has more than 52 million views, but there are countless other copies floating around on YouTube as well.

Ok Go’s love of going viral briefly hit a bump in the road when its former major label EMI prevented fans from embedding its videos — a measure that caused our own Liz Shannon Miller to call them “morons.” Lead singer Damian Kulash told us at the time that “you pick your battles” when dealing with  major label. OK Go has since left EMI, and its new videos, including the current White Knuckles clip, are fully embeddable again.

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