Open Thread: Are the Tools Issued By Your Employer Hindering Your Productivity?

According to a study published today by K2 Advisory, UK employers are hindering corporate productivity by failing to measure their employees’ satisfaction with technology. The report says there is a generational gap between “baby boomer” bosses and their younger, more IT-savvy staff, which leads to frustration around the choice of corporate devices issued to employees.

The report is damning: Only 65 percent of organizations carry out employee satisfaction surveys, and of them, roughly half bother to measure employee satisfaction with their technology devices, despite their importance for workplace productivity.

Dissatisfaction with corporate-issued devices and software has led to employees are bringing their own tools into the workplace. This can cause problems for corporate IT departments; it’s something I wrote about in a recent post for GigaOM Pro, “How to Manage Consumer-Grade Collaborative Tools in the Workplace” (sub. req.). However, it’s also worth noting that the difference between what we consider “consumer” and “enterprise” tools is shrinking rapidly: ????Gartner’s Nick Jones says he expects that there will essentially be no difference between the two within five years.

I’d like to get the opinions of the corporate web workers in the WWD readership about the tools that you use. How do you find the equipment and software (including web apps) that are issued to you by your employer? If they’re not up to scratch and are hindering your productivity, do you go ahead and use your own gear?

Photo by Flickr user SuperFantastic, licensed under CC 2.0.

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