15 Easy-to-Use Apps for Adding Multimedia to Twitter

I love Twitter, but one thing I admit can be lacking fromĀ  the service is that it doesn’t allow for embedded images, audio or video in the Twitter stream; you can only link to them.

Still, there are plenty of apps to help you to integrate multimedia into your tweets. Here’s a list of handy and easy-to-use services for images, audio and video:


  1. Plixi. Formerly TweetPhoto, this app connects with Twitter or Facebook and is pitched as a “social platform” for images.
  2. TwitPic. This app lets you post pictures to Twitter from your phone, their site and via email. It’s also embedded in many of the popular Twitter clients for mobile devices.
  3. Twitrpix. Another contender that lets you share by photos by phone, web and email.
  4. Twicsy. A search engine for images on Twitter that also allows you to upload images.
  5. yFrog. This tool is looking to give TwitPic some competition in terms of Twitter client integration and also lets you upload video.


  1. Audioboo. An elegant mobile app and website to record and upload audio and add to your Twitter stream along with images and text.
  2. Chir.ps – A simple website that allows you to uploadĀ sound clips. Record, stop recording, listen to your recording, then tweet it with some text.
  3. Tinysong. This app is integrated with Grooveshark to let you tweet out a link to a song MP3, if music is your thing.
  4. Twaudio. Pitched as a “Twitpic for MP3s.” You can upload an existing file, or record one on the fly.
  5. Tweetmic. A Twitter client app for iPhone (s aapl) that enables you to easily record and upload audio clips to create “Tweetcasts.”


  1. Bubbletweet. This app lets you create a video that appears in a bubble over your Twitter stream on your profile.
  2. Pikchur. A tool that enables you to upload video and images to multiple social networks, including Twitter.
  3. Screenr. This is a quick and handy app for instant screencasting into your Twitter stream.
  4. Tvider. A multimedia solution that lets you tweet video, audio or pictures.
  5. Twitcam. This app can stream live video onto Twitter for in-the-moment broadcasting.

There are so many Twitter apps that searching for the best ones can be a time-consuming effort. One helpful resource for Twitter-related applications is OneForty.com, where you can not only search by keyword and category but also get reviews and recommendations from the crowd.

What are your favorite Twitter apps for multimedia tweets?

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