Invision Partners With FreeWheel On Connecting Online Video And TV Ad Buys

TV ad sales platform Invision has struck a strategic partnership with FreeWheel, the video monetization firm, that will combine their services so clients can plan and manage ad sales across TV and online video. The deal, which the two will announce later this morning, comes as advertisers are becoming increasingly serious about finding ways to bridge their TV and online ad buys, but are frustrated by hurdles that persist. In an interview with paidContent, Invision CEO Lynda Clarizio said that the two companies had an awareness of each other, but realized that they had a lot of the same clients. “So it made a lot of sense for us to get together and combine our services,” she said. “These kinds of partnerships will help reduce the constraints on what’s holding real media convergence back.'”

Specifically, the arrangement joins Invision’s DealMaker ad buying platform with FreeWheel