Generate YouTube Playlists on the Fly With

First there was YTInstant, now there’s Listandplay: A new YouTube mash-up makes it possible to instantly create playlists of videos and share them with your friends on Twitter, Facebook or elsewhere. Listandplay uses a Google (s GOOG) Instant-inspired search, serving up clips that start to autoplay as soon as you have typed in as little as one character. Users can then add selected clips to an instant playlist.

The site also automatically generates links for each and every playlist, and buttons for Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Google Buzz and other services. The whole process from search to sharing literally takes only a few seconds — unless you’re getting sucked into watching all those videos, of course. founder Jonathan Bouman told us that he was inspired by, a website using Instant search for YouTube videos that propelled its programmer Feross Aboukhadijeh into the spotlight earlier this month. Aboukhadijeh, who currently works as an intern at Facebook, was even offered a job at YouTube by none other than site co-founder Chad Hurley.

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