Is Cloudera Allying Its Way to an Acquisition?

Big Data has been at the forefront of many vendors’ agendas lately, and has inspired quite a few to open their pocketbooks, as well. Perhaps no one has been leading the charge as vocally as commercialized-Hadoop proprietor Cloudera, which seems to have taken up partnerships as its primary strategy of infiltrating enterprise data centers. The question now is when Cloudera’s Big Data stewardship and alliances will result in it joining the ranks of partners by getting snatched up by a large vendor.

Cloudera, it seems, is always the bridesmaid and never the bride. It continuously partners with hot commodities that get snatched up by big-time vendors shortly thereafter. First it was Netezza, then it was Teradata (s tdc), and yesterday it was EMC (s emc), via the storage leader’s newly acquired Greenplum product line. The partnership with Greenplum had been in the works since the spring (months before EMC bought Greenplum in July), and IBM (s IBM) bought Netezza a mere two months after the Cloudera-Netezza partnership was announced. If analysts’ predictions are correct, Teradata should find a new home any time now, too.

How long will it be before someone (let’s say IBM or Oracle (s orcl)) realizes the trend and snatches up Cloudera? Because Hadoop seems pretty obviously to be the next big thing in enterprise analytics, and because Cloudera is driving the momentum , I’m guessing it won’t be long.

Image courtesy of Flickr user Stu Seeger.

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