EA Releases Scrabble For Kindle (No, Not A Typo)

Amazon (NSDQ: AMZN) continues to expand Kindle’s potential as a dedicated e-reader with some related uses, including games. The latest addition to a very limited game library: Scrabble for Kindle from EA Mobile, available now for $4.99.

That’s half the price of the iPad version but the iconic Hasbro game has to make some trade offs for the E-Ink screen; the scoring blocks are shades of grey rather than colors, for instance. It’s also a different dynamic. Players can challenge the Kindle, play solo or Pass N’ Play with up to four friends. It can be paused but it can’t be played across devices. It also can’t manage multiple games simultaneous games. I have both and would be a lot more likely to spend the money on Scrabble for iPad but this may appeal to Kindle owners who want some occasional diversions from e-books.

This version works on any Kindle from 2nd gen up, including the DX with its 9.7″ screen.