Glam To Step Up M&A Activity; MSFT’s Roston Tapped To Run Acquisitions

When it comes to doing acquisitions, blog network Glam Media hasn’t exactly shied away from using the $50 million mezzanine round it raised in February or the $10 million fourth round the year before to promote its international and product expansions. In an interview with paidContent, Glam CEO Samir Arora outlined goals for accelerating acquisitions even more rapidly. The company has hired former Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) dealmaker Adam Roston to manage and “turbocharge” Glam’s upcoming M&A plans. In addition to Roston, Arora told us that he will be rounding out the M&A team with additional hires in the coming weeks with “key product and engineering talent” joining the company from Yahoo (NSDQ: YHOO), Google/DoubleClick, Technorati as well as an ad sales exec from Condé Nast.

Glam will continue to look for acquisitions that will help build its technology and product services, deepen and broaden its content offerings and expand its geographical presence.

“We’re entering a period of high expansion right now,” Arora said. “Despite the fears of a double-dip recession, we’re still seeing signs of the U.S. turning around, while Europe is lagging about two or three quarters behind. All in all, we’ve did a significant streamlining, in terms of layoffs and pay cuts, early on in the recession. So we like to think ahead and believe the bottom of the market is behind us. That makes this the right time to focus on doing more M&A’s.”

With more hires on the M&A side on the way, Roston is the third high-profile Microsoft executive to arrive at Glam in recent months. Last week, Glam brought in Jane Loring, Microsoft’s director of specialist sales at its UK ad unit, to serve as its UK managing director.

In May, ex-Microsoft VP of corporate development Bruce Jaffe was hired as Glam’s CFO. Jaffe was credited as the force behind Microsoft’s $6 billion acquisition of aQuantive, while Roston had a hand in what his bio says was 15 large-scale consumer and digital media deals for Microsoft, including the $1.2 billion purchase of FAST.

Roston had been with Microsoft for four years. He joined the company after a three-year stint in investment banking at Merrill Lynch. “We’re looking at a large volume of deals right now; that’s why we hired Adam,” Arora said.

While it may look like Glam doesn’t really need any more acquisitions after recent buys such as ad tech startup AdPortal, which will help power the existing GlamAdapt sales platform, or the deal for German men