easyComment: Quicker Blog Commenting

If you leave a lot of comments on other people’s blogs, having to fill out your details (name, email address, URL) each time can feel like a bit of a chore. Even if you have a browser that can auto-fill those fields, you still have to step through each one in turn. easyComment is a Firefox extension that can save a little time by automatically filling out all of the required fields in just the click of a button. Even better, it can save multiple profiles so that you can, for example, leave your professional details on work-related blogs and personal details elsewhere.

Using it is simple: Install the extension, and you’ll see a “easyComment” button at the bottom-right of your window that you can use to manage your profiles. The first time you click that button, you’ll be asked to set up a profile (name, URL, etc). Once you have a profile set up, clicking the easyComment button will search the current page looking for a comment form and automatically fill out with your details. To switch between profiles, or to add new ones, you right-click on the easyComment button.

easyComment can be downloaded from the Mozilla Add-Ons site. Note that it doesn’t work with the Firefox 4 beta.

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(via ghacks)

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