Serious Materials Launches Energy Software

Green building materials startup Serious Materials is best known for selling its eco drywall and energy efficient windows. But quietly over the past several months the company has jumped into the energy management software market and started selling a software-as-a-service product that enables building owners to reduce energy consumption.

Serious Materials CEO Kevin Surace told me in an interview last week that the advantages of the company’s software, dubbed Serious Energy Manager and Serious Insight, are that it can plug into a variety of building automation and energy management systems already in use, including Cisco’s (s CSCO) building automation system. That means it’s not necessarily competing head to head with the building automation and control players like Honeywell (s HON), or Echelon (s ELON). In that respect I can also imagine that it’s a bit similar to BuildingIQ’s energy software, but with less of a focus on control.

Surace says that the software product, which can monitor many of the building’s energy draws, like lighting and heating and cooling, is a lot lower cost than competitors on the market. One of the reasons for that is because it’s a software as a service product that’s hosted on the web. Another, I would speculate, is because as a new player in the space, and with two other product lines to bring in revenue, Serious is probably pricing its software to undercut the competition.

Serious Materials already has dozens of customers using the software tool, which can also be sold with sensors, says Surace. Some of the customers that it’s sold its building materials to, have opted for the software. “You can imagine the synergy across the products,” says Surace. At the end of the day building energy management software is a sizable market opportunity for Serious Materials, but an increasingly crowded space.

Image courtesy of cdsessums.

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