Kno Unveils A Second E-Reader (With Only One Screen)

Kno, which is developing a much-talked about e-reader designed for students, has added a second model to its lineup. The company’s first device, which was unveiled this spring, featured two large side-by-side touchscreen displays. But Kno says that a second model will feature a single screen. That should placate some critics, who complained that the initial device was much too bulky.

The company still isn’t talking about the price of either model — or providing some specs, such as weight — which will likely have a big impact on whether these take off or not. Both models are expected to debut later this year.

Sidenote: Kno CEO Osman Rashid also started textbook rental service Chegg. That company raised $75 million from an Asian investor today. Kno itself has raised $54 million, including $46 million in a round earlier this month.