The Morning Lowdown 09.27.10

»  The New Yorker is launching on the iPad today and the pressure on Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) to provide a better solution for selling magazine app subscriptions. [WSJ]

»  Twitter’s “tweeted promotions” appears to be working for advertisers, who are finding higher average interaction rate. [AdAge]

»  Advertising Week 2010 is here and there are about 17 different events to choose from. Good luck this week. [NYT]

»  NBC (NYSE: GE) has been withdrawing the maximum allowable number of ad inventory within its shows on Hulu, as are its sister cable networks like USA and Bravo. [Mediaweek]

»  For local media, the price of “interaction” comes with significant downsides. [Terry Heaton]

»  The “old” Silicon Valley was about making things like computer chips and solving problems, but today’s Facebook/Zynga era just reflects a certain “me-too-ism” and a Gold Rush mentality. [Newsweek]