Devs Say Android is Future-Proof. iOS? Not So Much.

While at the moment iOS (s aapl) is favored over Android (s goog), developers are saying that may change, if a recent study is to be believed.

The study, carried out by Appcelerator, in partnership with IDC, shows that 52 percent of developers believe the Android platform is “best positioned to power a large number and variety of connected devices in the future,” while only 25 percent said the same of iOS.

Out of over 2,400 developers polled, 91 percent said they were “very interested” in developing for Apple’s mobile platform, compared with only 82 percent who feel the same about the little green robot.

When the devs were asked which platform they thought had the best “long-term outlook”, 59 percent answered Google’s platform and only 35 percent said iOS. This gap has widened 10 points since Appcelerator’s last survey, carried out in June of this year.

Appcelerator says this gap has widened mainly because Android has the edge over iOS in the TV market. Developers noted that they were more interested in developing for Google TV than Apple TV. This isn’t surprising, since Apple TV doesn’t even have official app support yet.

Finally, almost all the developers said that the Oracle (s orcl) / Android lawsuit had very little impact on their enthusiasm for Android development, and the removal of restrictions on Apple’s part made no difference to the developers’ views of iOS.

Personally, I think the gap between Android and Apple, while it has widened, is still too small to provide any useful conclusions. All these developers were chosen for the poll because they used Appcelerator’s Titanium development kit, which lets devs code native applications using web-based languages. It could be that developers who use the official Google and Apple development tools feel differently about their chosen platforms.

Also, I’m not sure the phrasing of the question isn’t predisposed toward Android. More people said that Android will “power a larger number and variety of connected devices” than iOS in the future, but that’s obvious; iOS is designed to only be run on Apple’s hardware. Android is made for all sorts of manufacturers’ devices, so there are clearly going to be more running the platform.

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