Reports: Google Acquires Social Calendaring Tool Plannr

Google (s goog) has bought Plannr, a Seattle-based startup, for an undisclosed fee, according to Alexia Tsotsis over on TechCrunch. Plannr is a service (available via the website and a free iPhone app (s aapl)) that helps groups of people coordinate their plans by bringing together the multiple disparate scheduling and planning tools that we use (calendar, phone, contacts, email, maps, SMS, etc.) into a single application; it’s effectively a social calendaring application that also includes messaging and geolocation features.

It’s unlikely that Google bought Plannr for its calendar features; Google already has a pretty good product in Google Calendar and there are plenty of other useful and established collaborative schedule planning tools out there that the company could have acquired: Doodle, and TimeTrade, for example. What’s significant is that Plannr has a considerable social aspect; it’s primarily aimed at groups of friends coordinating events, like an evening out, and then keeping everyone updated with any last-minute changes to your plans. As Tsotsis speculates, it’s likely that this is primarily a talent acquisition (or “acq-hire”) as Google looks to bolster its social know-how as part of its ongoing efforts to introduce more social features into its services. The purchase may also be related to Google Me, the Facebook competitor that Google is rumored to be working on.


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