Updated: Twitter.com’s Impact On News Traffic Is Tiny

Facebook sends 13 times more clicks to news sites than Twitter in France, according to European internet monitor AT Internet Institute

Twitter accounts for 0.1 percent of referrals to France’s top 12 news websites, whilst Facebook sends 1.3 percent…

For Twitter, that rate is consistent with what Hitwise found in the U.S. in March, when it said Twitter sends 0.14 percent of clicks to news and media sites, making it number 39 on the list of traffic-givers. But Facebook’s impact is less pronounced in France.

In May, Facebook was the number-seven referral giver to UK newspaper websites, according to the industry’s Newspaper Marketing Agency (see our interactive chart), but Twitter wasn’t even included in the list of 19.

In France, according to AT, Google’s influence is broadly similar to elsewhere – it gives 40.6 percent of referrals to French news sites.

Update: AT Internet has not clarified whether its findings include referrals from off-site services powered by Twitter’s API.

Update: And now AT has confirmed: “Our measures are not based on API and external applications. They are based only on the traffic between the website (Twitter or Facebook) and our customers’ websites.”

UK Newspaper Website Visitors
UK Newspaper Website Visitors