YouTube Adds New Countries to Partner Program, Other Tech Updates

Labas rytas! If you understand what that means without using Google Translate, then at least one of the 10 upgrades YouTube (s GOOG) announced last night will be pretty exciting for you. A post to the official YouTube blog unveiled new international expansion, technical updates and general upgrades to the site, including an indicator for when you’ve already visited a video.

Here’s the good stuff for those overseas: The Partner program has been extended to users in Argentina, Sweden, New Zealand and the Czech Republic, bringing the total number of countries engaged in the program to 21. The site is also now available in seven new languages — Arabic, Bulgarian, Lithuanian, Romanian, Slovenian, Ukrainian and Vietnamese — and French users now have access to full-length TV content like BFMTV: Bourdin Direct and Britain’s Got Talent via the Shows page.

On the technical side, HD and CC badges have been added to search result pages, which, when clicked, will filter out results that don’t fall under that category. This promises to be pretty exciting to HD nerds — or those who rely on closed-captioning to enjoy content.

The YouTube video editor now has cross-fade, wipe and slide video transitions to jazz up edits; fingers crossed that in the next update they remember the star wipe.

And the new styling for previously-visited videos means that if a previously-viewed video appears on in search results or in a related videos list, a “slightly grayed” thumbnail and a different link color will indicate that it’s already been seen with. In the screencap below, the thumbnail effect isn’t quite obvious, but the link color has changed.

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