iLife ’11: Coming to All Your Apple Devices?

A leak just ahead of Apple’s (s aapl) September music event had people thinking that the next version of iLife might appear there. It didn’t, but a new leak adds to the mounting evidence that it’s just around the corner. Amazon’s (s amzn) German site has a listing for a book about the suite, which of course has yet to hit retail shelves itself.

The listing reports some info about iLife ’11 that would suggest its author has insider information about the technical specs of the suite. In the summary, iLife ’11 is described as being composed of 64-bit applications, with improved social networking integration for iPhoto and a completely rewritten iWeb. It also claims that iDVD is gone, replaced by another, mysterious application. Maybe Apple’s finally come up with a way to let consumers create and install their own basic iPhone apps?

A red band on the image of the books cover  translates roughly into “iPhoto, iMovie and more with apps for Mac, iPhone 4, iPod and iPad.” Does that mean we’ll finally see a full iLife release on iOS? I’m okay with the current iMovie release, but I’d love to see a pocket Garage Band, and the Photos app just isn’t on par with iPhoto. Give me basic image tweaking tools, for instance. A scaled-down iWeb would also be a welcome addition for those who maintain a site on MobileMe.

Books from the same publisher also appeared purporting to deal specifically with iMovie and iPhoto ’11. Take this all with a grain of salt, however, because some of the details on those products make specific mention of iDVD, apparently contradicting the summary of the first, in which iDVD’s demise is mentioned.

It’s possible these are just placeholders, and that real versions will be written immediately upon iLife’s release, but all of the products do announce an anticipated release date of November 2010. Apple has updated its MacBook line in either October or November for the past four years, so it’s not unlikely that they’d ship a new iLife just in time for the holidays, too, alongside new notebooks.

Would you like to see iLife on the iPhone/iPad, or is it just overkill for a mobile platform?

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