WaPo Press Critic Howard Kurtz Defects To The Daily Beast

After nearly 30 years at the Washington Post, press critic Howard Kurtz is joining The Daily Beast, editor Tina Brown announced. Kurtz will serve as the IAC-owned publication’s Washington Bureau Chief. He will lead the online news site’s reporting in the capital and on the campaign trail. Although he’s giving up his comfortable perch at WaPo, Kurtz will continue to host the weekly CNN media program Reliable Sources.

Kurtz’s defection from a traditional media outlet comes a few weeks after Howard Fineman’s slightly less than surprising decision to abandon former WaPo mag Newsweek to become a senior editor at Huffington Post.

The hiring was timed to the approaching mid-term elections next month. In a statement, Brown gushed that Kurtz was the “rare reporter with a metabolism that outpaces the frenetic subjects he covers. I am excited that he will be a driving force in The Daily Beast