FringOut and Skype Hit Android

Fans of VoIP calling are having a good day with the release of both Skype and FringOut for the Android platform. The latest release of video-calling app Fring includes FringOut, a service that beats Skype at its own game. With FringOut, Fring calls can be made to or from any carrier, and to any phone globally for $0.01/ minute. Users can still make video calls to other Fring customers and chat with any friends on popular IM services (MSN, Google Talk, etc.).

The new Skype is available for all phones running Android 2.1 and later, not just those limited in the U.S. to Verizon customers (due to a previously exclusive agreement between the two companies). International users can make calls over 3G/4G/Wi-Fi, but customers in the U.S. are restricted to non-Wi-Fi calls only, a real shame. My colleague Ryan Kim has full details on the new Skype on GigaOM.

Both Skype and Fring are available in the Android Market for free download. Making SkypeOut and FringOut calls require credits in the appropriate account (SkypeOut and FringOut).

Here’s what the new apps look like on an HTC EVO 4G Android phone.

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