, BermanBraun Go Live With Their New Political Site

Just in time for election day, and BermanBraun have launched their new stand-alone celebrity-focused political site, which they are calling BLTWY. (Headlines today include: ‘Where’s Monica Now?’ and ‘Trump To Run?’). BermaunBraun also developed celebrity site Wonderwall for MSN and the company is calling this an “extension” of that site. The resemblance between the two is certainly striking, with both sites featuring a “wall” of photos on a black background and the same headline style.

The launch comes as all of the major news websites have doubled down on their own online political presence in time for election day, although they have not gone the celebrity route. The Huffington Post, for instance, purchased poll aggregator in July, while the New York Times (NYSE: NYT) brought poll site under its own fold in June. BermanBraun and had initially announced their plans for a new political site in mid-May, saying then that it launch by the end of the summer.

BLTWY has its own editorial team but will also feature content from, as well as from “a select group of partners in the political arena.” BermanBraun will oversee programming and operations, while will sell ads.

This is the third assignment Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) has given BermanBraun, which is run by entertainment production vets Gail Berman and Lloyd Braun. In addition to last year