GrabBox: Simple Mac Screenshot Sharing Via DropBox

One of the things I love about Mac OS X (s aapl) is the quick and versatile screenshot tool always available at my fingertips; it’s incredibly useful to be able to just hit a keyboard shortcut and have a screenshot saved to my desktop. But who says you can’t make a good thing even better? GrabBox is a nifty little utility that extends upon OS X’s built-in capabilities by¬† automatically uploading screenshots to your Dropbox Public folder. It also copies the file’s public Dropbox URL to your clipboard, which makes sharing screenshots with colleagues or clients a snap!

It’s really simple to use. Just take screenshots as you would normally using OS X’s built-in screenshot shortcut keys. Instead of being placed on your desktop, the file is uploaded to your Dropbox Public folder (OS X’s screenshot shortcuts for anyone who doesn’t know: Cmd+Shift+3 takes a screenshot of the whole screen; Cmd+Shift+4 takes a screenshot of a portion of the screen; and Cmd+Shift+4 and then Space takes a screenshot of a particular window).

There are a few preferences you can set, like whether the app will prompt you before uploading the file from your desktop (this happens via a Growl pop-up, as in the screenshot to the right); whether to show GrabBox in the menu bar or in the Dock; and whether to use a URL shortener, which is handy if you’re taking screenshots to share via Twitter.

GrabBox is similar to TinyGrab, an app for Mac and Windows (s msft) that I wrote about last year, but it’s completely free (donations are encouraged) and uses your own Dropbox account to host the files. If you ever share screenshots with others, it’s highly recommended. You’ll need a Dropbox account to use it; a 2GB account is free.

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(Via One Thing Well)

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