Branded Tipp-Experience Pushes YouTube’s Interactivity

The bar for interactive YouTube (s GOOG) advertisements keeps getting higher, as we’ve gone from a Nintendo Wii bursting out of the video box to a full-on choose-your-own-“bear-venture.”

Tipp-Ex, the European equivalent to White-Out, has launched the Tipp-Experience, an innovative campaign that incorporates the corrective tape into the YouTube page.


After a short video introduction, a hunter invites the user to suggest things he can do with a bear besides shooting it, a text field at the top of the screen offering a seemingly infinite amount of options. Type a verb into the sentence “A hunter ______ a bear,” more video ensues — leading to a charming, occasionally crude branded experience.

To the campaign’s credit (perhaps because it’s European), the options for what you can suggest the bear and hunter do together include some decidedly un-Puritan suggestions befitting YouTube’s more adolescent users. Because yes, if you’re a dirty-minded human being and you plug the obvious four-letter word into the box, the expected result occurs. (I’m not dirty-minded, okay? It was a journalistic imperative.)

While it’s more fun to discover potential suggestions yourself, the page is full of comments from happy users, and while it is possible to discover the limits of what the designers of the experience have created (“sambas with,” “parties with,” and “dances with” return the same result, for example) there’s a surprising amount of variety at play.

The Tipp-Experience launched officially at the beginning of September, but it’s a testament to its evergreen quality that it feels fresh and fun even a month later. The technology is flawless, the design deceptively simple; it’s almost easy to take this sort of thing for granted. Which makes one wonder — what will “wow” web audiences next?

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