Jon Lajoie’s Success Not Keeping Him Away From YouTube

It’s been almost two years since we last wrote about Jon Lajoie — whose comedy sketches and songs helped him build international fame online — but he’s been doing pretty well for himself.

The Canadian comedian released a full comedy album last November, was featured in a Comedy Central Presents special last March and has a steady gig on FX’s The League, now in its second season, alongside other web-born comedians like Paul Scheer.

But Lajoie’s still maintained his web fame; on YouTube (s GOOG), he’s currently in the top 100 listings for most subscribed to of all time (#61) and most viewed of all time (#93). What helps, of course, is that he’s still producing original web content like today’s new video Punched In, a low-fi, animated, NSFW short about the trials and tribulations of office life.


Whether or not you think it’s funny may depend on whether or not you have a sense of humor about child abuse, but certainly the Internet’s loving it: While the YouTube counter is currently frozen at 319 views, with almost a thousand comments, it’s clearly gone viral.

Lajoie’s not producing content at a furious rate — his last short, an adult-themed fake commercial for hands, went online two months ago. But it has since gotten 2.2 million views, which is on par with Lajoie’s other YouTube creations. Lajoie might, in fact, have the career any comedian might dream of: Increasing mainstream recognition, but continued support from loyal fans.

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