Modu T Sets Record for Lightest Touch Phone

Smartphone maker Modu has won the Guinness World Record for producing the lightest touch phone. The Modu T is a tiny (2.2-inch) phone that is the core of the company’s modular phone system. Modu phones slip into a variety of “jackets” that turn the phone into a gadget aimed at serving different purposes. There are jackets that turn the Modu T into a camera, exercise phone, audio player and a texting phone.

The company claims the Modu T will be coming to market soon, but have supplied no details where and when. We first covered the Modu phone system earlier this year when ASUS was reported to be working on a netbook that used a Modu phone for connectivity. That netbook has not come to market yet.

The Modu T phone is based on the BREW platform, and has a touch screen and 3G connectivity. It’s a fully functioning phone on its own, but requires one of the jackets to gain many of the functions associated with smartphones of today. The company is reported to be working on an Android (s goog) version of the Modu phone for release in the future.

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