eMusic Adds Universal Music Group To Its ‘Digital Club’

After years of trying, online music e-tailer eMusic has finally struck a partnership with Universal Music Group with a deal that will add 250,000 tracks to the Mp3 downloader’s catalogue, which now stands at ten million.This is also an attempt to widen its extension to digital music outlets on the part of UMG, which has been been in the middle of a battle between music label online video JV Vevo with MTV Networks (NYSE: VIA) since August.

For New York-based eMusic, the deal with UMG is part of its attempt to evolve into a “digital music club.” Users have to sign up for a membership with a range of plans that start at $11.99 for 24 songs. While many assumed the site would fade away in the face of iTunes’ dominance, it’s still hung on. Initially, eMusic was focused mostly on “independent music,” but in the past year, it has sought to widen its range to include more major labels.

In January, eMusic added Warner Music Group’s catalog and a few months before that, it struck a deal with Sony (NYSE: SNE).

eMusic will initially offer UMG catalog titles and offering editorial “promotions” of particular artists and albums, while trying to interest members in related music.