Kindle Singles: When Writing a Book is Too Much

Amazon (s amzn) is pushing the self-publishing movement forward with the introduction of its new Kindle Singles. Singles are shorter (10,000 – 30,000 words) works that anyone can submit to Amazon for sale in the new Kindle Singles section of the Kindle online store. The company claims that Singles will be cheaper than full-length works, but has not offered any pricing to back that up.

The shout-out for work submission to Amazon is focused on non-fiction work from “serious writers, thinkers, scientists, business leaders, historians, politicians and publishers.” While it doesn’t sound like they are looking for works about stuff your Dad says, Kindle Singles might be the perfect vehicle for bloggers and other writers to get published on the Kindle due to the shorter work length. Books require a lot of time to produce, but Singles are the equivalent of a few chapters (30 to 90 pages). Amazon isn’t mentioning shorter works of fiction in the announcement, we’ll have to see if this turns into an outlet for short stories on the Kindle.

Amazon has been pushing its self-publishing platform in earnest this year, a service that lets authors publish book-length work and sell it in the Kindle store. Works are subject to the 30 percent Amazon royalty, and marketing is the responsibility of the author. While Kindle Singles is a definite push for the platform, I don’t think conventional publishers will panic over this new service; the creation of a whole new product length might shake things up, however. New authors might find it a good foot in the door to the published author club.

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