Tango: Good Video Call Alternative for Android, iPhone

Android (s goog) phones like the EVO and Galaxy S have front-facing cameras to enable making video calls. The iPhone 4 has a camera too, and while FaceTime is Apple’s (s aapl) app for making calls on that platform, newcomer Tango makes such calls possible on both iOS and Android. The folks behind Tango have seen over a million downloads of the app since its launch just over a week ago, so it’s clear users are looking for easy ways to make video calls.

I downloaded Tango for Android on my EVO 4G and was surprised to see how easy it is to get going with the app. I’ve used Qik and Fring on the EVO, but both were difficult to get set up and the quality of the video in calls wasn’t the best. As soon as I fired up Tango, it scanned my contacts on the phone and determined that two of them had already installed Tango on their phones.

I clicked on the entry for my buddy Hubert Nguyen of Ubergizmo, and even though jet-lagged from his Japan trip, Hubert was sporting enough to do a test call. In no time, we were catching up since the last time we met in Orlando, and the quality of the video was very good. The utility I use to take screen captures requires a good shake of my EVO to snap the image, so the minor distortion you see in the image above is due to shaking the phone to capture the screen. The video quality in the call was excellent, and it was just like being there with Hubert. We were both impressed with how well it worked, and based on the test, Tango is a good video calling solution on both Android and the iPhone 4.

Tango calls can be made over 4G, 3G and Wi-Fi. I was using the HTC EVO 4G on Wi-Fi for this call and Hubert was on an iPhone 4, also on Wi-Fi.

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