NYT Replaces Editors’ Choice iPad App With Full Version — Free For Now

You expected more from The New York Times on the iPad? You’re getting it — and eventually, you’ll have to pay to get all of it. The NYTCo (NYSE: NYT) flagship is updating its Editors’ Choice iPad app with an expanded version that will include more content from the website, such as constant breaking news, video and other multimedia as well. The app will hit Apple’s App Store tomorrow.

The new NYTimes App for iPad will be free at the start. But once the metered paywall kicks in for NYTimes.com early next year, the app’s users will be required to pay a subscription for full access. In the meantime, registration is still required for most content.

Full access: Readers will be able to access the entire app — more than 25 sections of NYT content and content from roughly 50 NYTimes.com blogs — only by logging in with an existing NYTimes.com account or by completing the free in-app registration. Unregistered users can view top news, most e-mailed, business and video. How much will it cost for full access? The company isn’t saying yet. However, as Yasmin Namini, SVP, marketing and circulation/GM, reader applications for the NYT Media Group, told me during a demo of the new iPad app, the company will probably offer a choice of monthly or annual subscriptions.

As the iPad goes, so does iPhone: The iPhone, too, will likely be covered by a similar type of subscription model as the iPad when the website paywall comes. That means total free access will soon be coming to an end for the iPhone as well. “When we go to the pay model, there will always be something you can access without having a paid subscription,” Namini said. “Whether it will be the free four sections you get without registering or something different, that