Predicts Best Quarter Yet for Web Creators is predicting its best quarter ever for fourth quarter 2010, with sponsors for the next few months including EA Games (s erts), Samsung, Reebok, Kraft (s kft), Starbucks (s sbux), Canon (s caj), American Express (s axp) and Microsoft (s msft), and profits for web series creators will be bigger than ever.

Of course, while creators who activate pre-roll and overlay ads on their videos will be able to optimize their revenue, whether or not a show is able to make back its investment still depends on its audience. Via phone, CEO Mike Hudack said that independent creators “really need hundreds of thousands or even millions of views a month to be sustainable.”

Genres currently performing well include video game shows like Red vs. Blue (which Hudack said was one of’s best-performing series) and comedy, but genres tend to be cyclical. “What we have found is there’s a boom and bust cycle in every genre. Everyone makes a lot of sci-fi shows, for example, but a few months later, a lot of them have dropped off,” he said. Drama series, he mentioned, have recently been climbing in popularity.

Those using as a platform have an increasing number of options for where their content can be seen, thanks to the new HTML5 player optimized for new services like Google TV (s goog).

Advertisers are responding: “As an industry, we’re reaching a turning point where marketers are taking web content seriously,” Hudack said.

“The most successful shows are created by producers who are making the show for themselves — you do what you know, and if you do what you know, you will know how to be successful and you will know what your audience wants,” Hudack said.

He added that if he was going to make a show himself, it’d be about the business of web video.

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