Oct. 15: What We’re Reading About Infrastructure

Bolstering the argument that money makes the world go ’round, Google’s earnings, and spending, were big news today, as is the third-quarter decrease in VC funding. AMD’s “better than expected” net loss also garnered attention, and we revisit the notion that cloud computing will take away individuals’ money in the form of job losses.

I, Cloud (From High Scalability) I agree that cloud computing probably will result in more job-shifting than job-cutting, but I wouldn’t be so sure that software can’t use context to make human-like judgment calls. (see, e.g., IBM’s Watson supercomputer).

Google Earnings: “Excellent” Quarter; Momentum of Display, Mobile Highlighted (From ZDNet) Google is a moneymaking machine, plain and simple. Even with enormous infrastructure spending, it’s still raking in more than $2 billion in quarterly profit.

Verizon Medical Data Cloud on Track to Serve 350,000 Doctors (From SearchCloudComputing.com) It looks like the “Field of Dreams” logic works for data clouds, too: If you build it, they will come. Even one of three doctors uploading records there could mean a big improvement in health care efficiency.

Notes on Data Warehouse Appliance Prices (From DBMS2) Just in case you were wondering how much one of the new breed of data warehouse appliances actually cost. The answer can be complex, and discounts are plentiful.

Opteron 6100 Server Ramp Underway, Says AMD (From The Register) AMD could use some good news considering that its net loss was considered “better than expected.” Can its Opteron 6100s make their way into enough servers — which are selling like crazy — to spur a rebound?

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Image courtesy of Flickr user liewcf.