The Morning Lowdown 10.18.10

»  Everyone always talks about social media companies (the biblical “Davids”) doing away with old media companies [“Philistines” and “Goliaths”] but many of the traditional media companies are still around while brands like Friendster, MySpace (NSDQ: NWS) and Digg are not exactly setting the world on fire. [AdAge]

»  There’s no clear correlation between the rise of digital and the decline of print newspapers, at least in the UK. [The Guardian]

»  As part of the WSJ’s ongoing series — some would say crusade — against the abuses of user privacy on the web, finds that Facebook apps, such as Zynga’s FarmVille, have been transmitting the social net’s members’ personal information about their friends to outside advertisers. [WSJ]

»  It looks like Html5 is also causing privacy concerns. The multimedia format might make it even easier to collect personal data that it stores on computer hard drives, including Web-browsing histories, blog text, photos and messages. And deleting HTML 5