Linden Lab Founder Steps Down As Interim CEO

More management upheaval at Second Life-parent Linden Lab: Founder Philip Rosedale, who took over as interim CEO after Mark Kingdon stepped down in June, says he’s leaving the post. Bob Komin, the company’s CFO and COO, will take over temporarily, while Linden Lab searches for a replacement.

Rosedale says in a blog post that “it’s been an intense few months of transition, and we all feel like we are in a better place now, with a clearer sense of direction and more focus, and are ready to bring someone new into the mix as a leader.” It does not seem like much of a vote of confidence that he isn’t staying around until the new CEO is found.

Linden Lab, which has been surpassed in buzz and growth by a host of other gaming and social sites, cut 30 percent of its staff in early June, saying the move would allow it to