Kontiki Raises $10.7M for Enterprise Video Delivery

Kontiki, which licenses a platform for enterprise video delivery, announced this morning that it has raised a $10.7 million funding round led by MK Capital, with New World Ventures and Cross Creek Capital also participating. The company says it plans to use the new funds to expand product development and sales and marketing programs to ride the wave of increased video usage in the enterprise.

Kontiki has had an interesting history: It was at one time acquired by Verisign as part of that firm’s attempt to build a peer-to-peer CDN, but was later spun out. Kontiki had also been the technology behind BBC’s iPlayer before that service transitioned to more web-based delivery. Since then, the firm has been focused primarily on enterprise video.

As more enterprises come online and begin to use video for distributing information and enterprise collaboration, companies like Kontiki stand to benefit immensely by providing a platform with enterprise-grade tools. Using P2P technology, Kontiki’s SaaS platform can efficiently deliver live or on-demand video behind the corporate firewall or to remote or distributed workers. In addition to enabling organizations to deliver training materials on demand, provide live video conferencing and telepresence, the Kontiki offering last year rolled out a new tool called VideoCenter to create employee video portals, or a kind of “YouTube for the Enterprise.”

The platform also comes with rules-based content management and detailed analytics so managers can track who’s actually been watching their corporate videos. It also has extensive security and network management tools to ensure that only approved employees are able to watch those videos.

Photo courtesy of Flickr user Scott Feldstein.

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