Aggregator Daylife Looks Beyond News Sites To Social Media For Growth

For the most part, news aggregator startup Daylife has focused on extending print outlets to its news sharing system. But over the past few weeks, it has been reaching out to existing digital publications who might be interested in the company’s services as well. Starting today, Daylife is working with Mashable and text message platform ChaCha.

While Mashable didn’t need any lessons in news distribution, it did need help organizing the amount of stories it’s accumulated since launching five years ago. Daylife set up a topic library to help better organize its coverage. The Daylife API gathers everything in real-time and integrates with Mashable’s existing advertising network. Daylife did the same thing for Daily Candy last week, as the fashion and entertainment e-newsletter looks to drive more traffic to its various city-specific sites, in addition to its e-newsletter.

In ChaCha’s case, Daylife is helping to give the site’s visuals greater enhancement. The additional photo choices come from Daylife’s year-old collaboration with Getty Images. The deal with Daylife follows ChaCha’s huge $20 million funding last week, as it looks to dominate the burgeoning mobile search market.

The premise of all this “organizing” comes with the increased challenge to even prominent digital publishers, who are finding that advertisers increasingly want to buy “audiences” — not content brands. By creating these topic pages, the publishers hope to better manage the SEO game that advertisers have been focusing on, while making sure that the audiences marketers continue to visit and remain on their sites.

In an interview with paidContent, Daylife CEO Upendra Shardanand said that the has been reaching out to digital publishers for awhile. “Although we have only announced about 30 clients publicly, we have 60 clients now, of whom half are companies who don