LogMeIn’s Easy-to-use Web Conferencing App Join.me Goes Pro

Join.me, the easy-to-use web conferencing app from the folk s at LogMeIn (s logm), is coming out of beta and will today get a premium “Pro” version. The basic free app makes ad hoc collaboration a breeze; setting up a conference is incredibly quick, with no sign-up required. The presenter simply heads to the join.me site and hits the “Share” button to start their conference. The presenter is then given a unique join.me URL that can be sent to everyone invited to participate in the conference.

The new Pro edition is the same as the free version, but gets some handy additional functionality that should be appreciated by business users: a lightweight meeting scheduler, personalized join.me URLs (for example, http://join.me/webworkerdaily), and user management features. It also adds more control over who can come into and out of meetings through a “Lock and Knock” request feature; useful when running back-to-back meetings through the same conference URL.

The client app that’s downloaded to the presenter’s machine works on both Windows (s msft) and Mac (s aapl), while participants can join the conference through a Flash-enabled (s adbe) browser. The company says that Join.me viewers will for the iPhone, iPad and Android (s goog) are in the works, too.

The new Pro edition costs $29 per month or $299 per year, while the basic app remains free.

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