Facebook Disconnect: A Chrome Extension That Stops Facebook Snooping

I suppose I might be considered a bit of a social media Luddite, but I use Facebook primarily as a way of interacting with my “real life” friends. I try to keep it separate from the other stuff that I do on the web, and I don’t really like the way that Facebook is trying to gather information about my activities online via Facebook Connect. If you’re like me, and would prefer Faceboook not know about your every move, you might like Facebook Disconnect. It’s an extension for Chrome (s goog) that does pretty much exactly what you’d expect given its name: stops websites from reporting back to Facebook via Facebook Connect.

The extension blocks all traffic from third-party sites to Facebook servers, which keeps Facebook from gathering any data about your browsing activity on those sites, but (unlike some other Facebook Connect blocking tools) it doesn’t stop you using Facebook itself.

Facebook Disconnect can be downloaded from the Google Chrome Extensions repository. The developer (Googler Brian Kennish) says he plans on adding an omnibox icon to indicate when blocking is occurring, and that, as the extension was built in just one day, there may still be some bugs in it, although I’ve yet to find any (and the commenters on the extension’s home page all seem pretty happy, too). Note that the extension can break third-party apps on Faceboook itself.

(Via Download Squad)

Photo courtesy Flickr user rpongsaj.

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