WWD Screencast: Boarrd, A Simple Online Dashboard App

Boarrd is an app that enables users to create dashboard consisting of “widgets” that pull information from various sources on the web (calendar feeds, RSS, Twitter, Facebook, Github and so on). It could be useful for creating dashboards to keep abreast of project information and updates, or to create a monitoring dashboard to look for mentions of certain terms on social networks, for example. I’ve put together a screencast to show how easy it is to use to create a functional and attractive dashboard, even for non-techies:


Boarrd is free to use. It was created by development firm weLaika in just 48 hours as its entry for the Rails Rumble coding contest. Note: the server is taking a bit of a hammering at the moment and the site is running slowly; adding widgets can take quite a while (I had to cut some of the waiting time from my screencast video). But it does work and it’s worth the wait.

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